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Humanoids Society is unique #NFT collection. Available NOW on Opensea & CorpoMarket

Humanoids Society

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About Humanoids Society

This collection has unique generated robot with human looklike that called humanoid. on the polygon blockchain. all nft are made one by one by the creator.more than 200 items are available. with a target of more than 1000 items. Available Now on Opensea and CorpoMarket.

Humannoid Type

Basic humanoid with accessory, no name

Humanoid V2

the second version of humanoid, has a specific type, but is only general, without a name

Humanoid V3

the third version of the humanoid, has a specific type and has a nickname.

Humanoid Part

the fourth version, only part of the humanoid body, very rare to obtain


Top Favourite


Humanoid #168

more detail.

Humanoid Accessory
- Black Hoodie
- Black Mask
- Goggles with LED emotion


Humanoid #145

more detail.

Humanoid Accessory
- Blue sleeveless jacket
- White shirt
- Goggles with LED #145


Humanoid #166

more detail.

Humanoid Accessory 

- Pikachu models hoodie


Q4 2021

Starting Project

the project starts, Nfts will be uploaded regularly, besides that a community will start to be formed

Q1 2022


after reaching 1000 collections, creators will focus on community development, especially on twitter and discord

Q2 2022

Future of Humanoids Society

When all these steps are completed, our main goal will be the flawless continuation of the project and the world we want to create.


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Toggle FAQ

All you need to do to own a Humanoids Society is; Click on our opensea link and start exploring. You can find more information on our Official Twitter account.

Actually it's pretty easy just check out this link.

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real world objects like art, videos, music and in-game items. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

all nft are made one by one by the creator.

It will provide much cooler benefits in the future.

By collecting Humanoids Society you will have a voice in our community and help guide the direction of the Humanoids Society. Already some great ideas have come from our community. Together, we are about to send this project to the moon with your help.


I am very excited about this project, I hope this nft project will be better in the future.

update announcement

We will try our best to add new items every day. for items with rare and super rare types we are likely to be added once a week..

Humanoids Society

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